Cine Fashion Oct 09

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Just flip the pages of a Cine Fashion Magazine and savour in the best that we have to offer.

Reaching across Malaysia in a blustery layout with bold editorial and with over six years in the industry, Cine Fashion magazine reflects all the desires and aspirations of the contemporary Indian Malaysian.

Although Indian celebs hold centre stage in Cine Fashion, the magazine also features stories in a wide range of subjects including fashion, life, relationships, happenings, contemporary grooming and career.

Cine Fashion is a comprehensive magazine of choice for any age or background. Though our target audience falls in the bracket of 17 to 39 years of age, Cine Fashion's audacious editorial reaches the hearts of many, irrespective of their age.

Cine Fashion has reconfigured the Indian Malaysian publication market. From a mere 4500 copies quarterly, Cine Fashion, currently a monthly magazine has a circulation of 22500 copies. Our promotion vehicles include sponsored programs on THR radio, Astro Vaanavil and through bill-boards placed at strategic locations.

Setting our magazine aside, Cine Fashion organises three events annually, namely Ms Cine Fashion, Bharata Natyam Competition and Bhajan Competition, all of which presents a great opportunity coupled with support and encouragement for aspiring Indians. Cine Fashion - It's a contemporary winner!

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